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Dental Implants - Charlotte, NC

Permanent Replacements for Missing Teeth

Dental implants are the state-of-the-art method to replace single missing teeth, giving you the function and appearance you want.

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Why a Missing Tooth Is No Simple Matter

Many people believe missing a tooth is nothing to worry about. However it is important to understand what happens when you lose a tooth. Whether a tooth is extracted by a dentist, falls out on its own because of periodontal disease (which is a common cause of tooth loss) or is knocked out because of trauma, it is seen as a loss by the body.

The gums begin to cave in around the missing tooth, causing an unnatural ridgeline and contours. Because the bone in the jaw is no longer massaged by the presence of the tooth root, it begins to be reabsorbed, causing bone density loss. A tooth also provides a barrier against decay for bone and connective tissues, which can become decayed and infected without protection.

Dental implants can help solve these health issues by providing you with a permanent substitute for a missing tooth

Your dental implant will consist of a titanium post embedded into the place where the missing tooth root once was. After the post has been surgically placed, the site will be allowed to heal over for several months.

When the healing is complete, an abutment and temporary tooth-shaped prosthetic crown will be anchored to the post. When your dentist is confident that everything looks good, he will remove the temporary crown and place a permanent, natural-looking crown.


Is a dental implant right for you?

What are the top reasons that people choose dental implants?

  • Feel better about the way they look.
  • Have become tired of the limitations that come with missing teeth, such as having to stay away from certain foods, or having difficulty speaking.
  • Seeking to avoid the bone loss and other problems that come with lost teeth.
  • Looking for a permanent solution, unlike removable dentures.
  • Suffered a trauma that left them with missing teeth, and are looking for a solution.

Dental Implants Placed by World-Class Trained Professionals

During his years as a leader in the dental industry, Dr. Engel has placed more than 16,000 implants. He has been asked to lecture and teach about dental implants, and has been an invited guest on radio shows. His knowledge enables him to intimately understand all the specifics about dental implants, including any problems that patients could face down the road.

Dr. Engel is also experienced in creating custom crowns to restore a previously-placed dental implant.

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